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    The current position:Index > Article > Air compressor oil fault judgment and elimination method
    Air compressor oil fault judgment and elimination method
    Release time:2016-05-20   Click times:2453number

    1, check the air compressor filter, if there is damage, defect or not clean the air filter, timely replacement of damaged parts; Check whether there is air compressor inlet pipe kink or deformation, ensure a minimum requirement for air intake pipe inner ring diameter (suggested more than 15.9 mm).

    2, to check whether there is too much return pipe bending, kink and obstacles. Recommended minimum return pipe diameter is (12 mm). From air compressor oil return pipe must always fall into the engine crank case.

    3, check and measure the air compressor cylinder liner, piston ring wear and damage and assembly, badly worn should be replaced.

    4, in view of the air compressor air cooling section, to: remove the heat sink on the accumulation of oil and ash or not clean. Found the damaged parts to replace; Check the damage of the heat sink, found to replace the damaged parts. In view of the air compressor water cooling section, the: check appropriate cooling pipe size (the minimum recommended pipe diameter is 9.5 mm), check the coolant flow condition of air compressor, the motor to adjust speed, lowest allows traffic is 5 litres per minute. If the coolant flow is slow, check the cooling pipes and fittings of rust, kink and limiting factor.

    5, check the water temperature should not exceed 93 ℃. Check valve on the gas reservoir, ensure their normal operation. Suggest vehicle equipped with automatic exhaust valve. And in front of the gas reservoir properly equipped with the dry air in the air drying device.

    6, vehicles under the condition of the brake is not used, leak should not exceed 6900 mpa pressure drop per minute, in the use of brakes cases per minute 20700 mpa. If there is excessive leakage, leakage inspection system and repair. Check and repair work unloading system.

    7, testing, engine crankcase pressure is too high, replace or repair the crankcase ventilation equipment. Loose oil foot or part of the lifting indicates a crankcase pressure problem.

    8, check engine lubricating pressure (air compressor inlet point), and compared with the rated pressure.

    9, qualified replacement lubricating oil.

    10, only in the confirmation of the presence of all these reasons are not, to replace or repair the air compressor.


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