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    Screw air compressor operation explanation
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    Breathe in,

    No screw air compressor air intake and exhaust valve group, mainly by the body's own regulator to regulate the inlet opening and closing, so the inlet side of the screw air compressor suction mouth, must be designed to be as open as possible, so that the compression chamber can adequately inhale.

    Has two main rotor screw air compressor, air compressor to operate, the main rotor and the tooth groove turning to the inlet end of the opening, the open space is the biggest at this moment, the space can make free air, outside air is inhaled, and then flow into the main rotor tooth groove. When the whole tooth groove were all filled with air, the inlet end of the rotor will be from the air inlet, inhale link is completed.

    Second, the closed

    Breathe in, after the completion of main rotor and gear between the casing and will be in a closed state. This time, the air was thick closed within the tooth ditch, not to spill, this process is called a closed.

    Three, transmission

    Closed completed, as the main rotor and continue to roll, gear and gear groove match gradually moving to the exhaust end, completing the process of delivery.

    Fourth, compression and injection

    As transport links, of pinion with tooth groove surface and the distance between the tooth groove between the exhaust outlet are getting smaller, tooth groove of gas as this force is compressed, the pressure to rise. Lubricating oil, meanwhile, also can because of differential pressure and injection compression indoor mixing with the internal air, this is the complete compression and injection process.

    Five, the exhaust

    With gear tooth groove surface of continue to roll to the air compressor exhaust casing, has been compressed gases reaches the maximum pressure value of the start, to turn them into each other's space for the minimum value, the internal of the compressed air will be all, at this point, the exhaust link is complete. Then, when the rotor surface consistent with casing length of tooth groove between the air inlet reaches maximum, at the end of the exhaust, the tooth groove is in the vacuum state, when to the inlet port, its suction links can once again, such a cycle, form the whole operation process of screw air compressor.

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